From Bemidji to Worthington: Photobomb edition

In September, I visited a town I lived in for two years before I ventured to the north. It was a long drive from Bemidji to Worthington, but it was worth it. I visited my old haunts and my former newspaper, The Daily Globe (both the Bemidji Pioneer and the Daily Globe are owned by the same company). Anyway, here is a photo by Aaron Hagen in which I accidentally photobombed Rep. Tim Walz and Worthington Mayor Alan Oberloh. You’re welcome.

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I'm a reporter/copy editor for the Bemidji Pioneer. Previously, I worked for the Worthington Daily Globe as a copy editor and before that, I had a brief stint as the Fine Arts Columnist for the St. Cloud Times. I was born and raised in St. Cloud, a graduate of St. Cloud State University and worked in record stores for 10 years before wandering into the world of journalism. I live in Bemidji with my wife Gina and our cat, Mac. All the papers and towns mentioned above are located in Minnesota.
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