Iconic Punk Club CBGB Plans To Reopen As An Airport Restaurant

The band Bad Religion once asked the question: How could hell be any worse? Well, those plucky young punks probably could never have foreseen that the iconic New York punk rock club CBGB — that closed in 2006 — would rise again from the ashes like a phoenix made up entirely of Applebee’s Sweet Chile Brisket Sliders and reopen as a restaurant in a place that many have described as hell on earth — the Newark Airport in New Jersey.



According to Billboard, that is exactly what is happening. And nothing screams anti-conformist, anti-system, anti-mainstream like slinging $9 “Disco Fries” and $16 plates of spaghetti to weary travelers who would not have stepped into the grimy, disgusting club — of which this restaurant is named — back in its heyday. At least it will have an updated name: CBGB Lounge and Bar.

I wouldn’t exactly equate fine dining with CBGB. An airport, sure, but not a place any sane person would want to eat at.  Just look at the place.



But hey, maybe that $42 prime rib meal will be worth it.