Here Is That Darth Vader Scene From ‘Rogue One’ In LEGO Form

This year, “Star Wars” fans got to see the true ruthlessness of the series’ original villain, Darth Vader, in “Rogue One.” We saw his creepy castle on Mustafar — the planet where Vader lost his arms, legs and was forever doomed to sounding constantly like an asthma inhaler due to his lungs being set on fire. It was a nice glimpse into how Vader is constantly reminded of how he (REDACTED) a good thing he had going with hubris and whining about sand.

But we also saw Vader in violent action against the Rebellion at the end of the film. It was, I must admit, pretty intense. It showed just how much of a bad ass Vader truly is/was. Now, someone has taken this scene and remade it — in LEGO form. While not as insane as what we saw on film, it still is a pretty cool way of recreating this scene.