Ugh, Here Is The Trailer For ‘Cult Of Chucky’


In 1988, the film “Child’s Play” was released about a serial killer who transferred his soul into a goofy little doll in order to escape the law. Little did that maniac, Charles Lee Ray, know that this would mean he would be trapped in this Chucky doll for eternity.

And little did we, the audience, realize that Ray’s personal hell would soon become our own in the form of non-stop sequels that somehow manage to become even more unwatchable upon each dreaded release. It almost feels like a social experiment to see just how much it will take before we crack into insanity and the earth folds in upon itself.

And here we are, the trailer for the seventh installment of this (REDACTED) show — a series of films about a two-foot rubber doll that somehow manages to reign terror upon the world, despite the fact one swift kick into an actual dumpster fire would end this ridiculousness fairly quickly — has dropped and is called “Cult of Chucky.”