Here Is The New Bloody ‘Logan’ Trailer

If any super hero truly needed an R-rated film adaptation, minus of course Deadpool, it is Wolverine. And we are finally getting that come March 3 with Hugh Jackman’s alleged final go as the Canadian mutant with the Adamantium claws we first met on screen 20 years ago.

“Logan” is the third solo Wolverine film in the X-Men franchise. It is also perhaps, based on this trailer, perhaps the darkest this franchise has gotten thus far. We have Old Man Logan in a world that hasn’t seen mutants for some time. That seems to change when Laura Kinney (AKA: X-23) enters the picture. In the comics, she is a clone of Wolverine, and based on the trailer — what with her razor claws and penchant for kicking some ass — that seems to also be the case. We also have Professor X (who even drops an F-bomb at the end of the trailer) who is ragged, older and apparently suffering from mental issues.

Based on the trailers thus far, I am more excited for this comic book film than the rest that will be popping out this year. It seems like a more daring take on the character and this world than what I have seen from most Marvel films under the Disney umbrella and literally every DC film that has come out after the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. It looks dark and gritty, and that is not a bad thing when it fits the story. It also seems to have some lighter moments, as we see in the trailer, as Professor X is advising Logan “This is what life looks like. People who love each other.”

And if this is truly Jackman’s last time on screen as this character, I hope it matches the hype. It would be great to see his Wolverine go out on a high note.