Kanye West No Longer A Fan Of Trump

All honeymoons come to an end. What follows is sometimes a period of nervousness which can lead to questioning the choices one has made, then to regret and, ultimately, rejection. This can take years, but with Twitter aficionado Kanye West, our folk hero for the crazies, it took a mere few weeks for him to change his mind on the presidency of Donald J. Trump, himself an prolific tweeter of insane ramblings.

These two were like peas in a pod, and West showed his support of Trump not too long ago, first by saying he would have voted for him during a concert and also by visiting him in what will go down in history as the “Holy (REDACTED) This Happened!” accords. But alas, two Alpha Tweeters merely cannot share the same spotlight, and a crazy-off between the two is out of the question because one of them now has nuclear weapons. So we are witnessing the divorce of Twitter’s first power couple of nuttiness.

According to TMZ, West has deleted his pro-Trump tweets, watching them disappear like Darth Vader watched Alderaan being obliterated by the Death Star. According to TMZ, West has his reasons, though, in that he disagrees with Trump’s current travel ban — the so-called Muslim ban — and this probably means West’s threat of running for president in 2020 might be back on.

No word yet from The Donald, but I assume he will issue his press release-tweet sometime between 3 and 7 a.m., when the moon is full and there is nothing but infomercials to watch.