Kevin Smith ‘Rebooting’ Jay And Silent Bob

There are many visionaries in Hollywood. People who take ideas and turn them into art. Sometimes those ideas hit, sometimes they miss and all too often if successful, a money making idea is rebooted, re-imagined and/or regurgitated to the point of exhaustion because original concepts are now almost forgotten in the world of film.

One of those visionaries has been called from the ashes of his own water pipe to poke fun of the concept of reboots. A man who gave us films about clerks, mallrats, religious dogma that were all connected by two side characters who sold weed outside a convenience store. That visionary is Kevin Smith, who announced Thursday via social media that he will bring his creative muses money makers Jay and Silent Bob once again to the big screen.

As we learn from the post above, Smith’s vision of a third “Clerks” installment has gone up in smoke, as well as finding a place for his “Mallrats” sequel TV series (which, I am kinda surprised a streaming site like Netflix has turned these down since Smith does have a pretty decent sized following who would gobble this up in a minute). Since he also doesn’t own those properties himself, but does apparently own the characters of Jay and Silent Bob, it looks like we will once again have a feature length film with these two characters.

Apparently the premise will be the “Bluntman and Chronic” film (from “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”) is getting a reboot that these two want to once again prevent from being made. If anything, it has to be better than his last film, “Yoga Hosers” which was about Nazi sausages that terrorize a small Canadian town.