An Extended Trailer And My Plans For For Season 3 Of ‘Fargo’

Last week we caught a glimpse of what to expect with the third go around of FX’s “Fargo.” Well, they have released an extended trailer that shows us a bit more of the characters we will be meeting come April 19, with Ewan McGregor playing two roles of twin brothers who, if this show has taught us anything thus far, will find them selves in a heck of a mess.

Now that the season will be arriving soon, I figured to update you all on my plans on recapping the episodes. Nothing really is going to change, each episode recap will pop online late Wednesday/early Thursday after the show airs. I invite you the readers to comment your thoughts and corrections (things do slip through the cracks with me), because it is a lot of fun wondering where the show is going next.

If you want to check out the stuff I have written thus far, here is the link for all things “Fargo” from me.

The third season begins Wednesday, April 19 on FX.