Taking The Plunge

It all began as a hypothetical question in the news room.
“Joe, would you jump into a frozen lake?”

Top Five

Well, since the last few Buzz blogs were about top fives of 2010, I figured I’d join the spirit and propose my top five best moments of 2010.

Festivus For The Rest Of Us

My holiday spirit was changed over a decade ago by a concept brought to me by the twisted minds of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. It was a holiday episode of the television program they created,“Seinfeld,” in which the characters decide to celebrate a made-up holiday.

Van Halen Bar

It was late summer of 2006 and I was traveling west with my friend Ted and his sister Susie to visit an old friend working at a resort in Wyoming. The whole story would be too long to repeat here, so I will emphasize on a particular aspect of it.

Kanye West: Folk Heroe For The Crazies

Say what you will about producer/rapper Kanye West, his talent is undeniable. He’s able to make a former president feel terrible, he has a history of crashing MTV award ceremonies (he crashed one in Europe a few years back after a video of his didn’t win) and is like a modern, schizophrenic version of James Joyce on Twitter.