Gettin’ Hitched

I never would have thought it would happen to me.

Bad Endings

I love watching television shows, only when I believe they are really good. I can’t watch shows which are mediocre for mediocre’s sake (I’m talking to you “According to Jim”). So when a TV series hypes up its grand finale and it fails like Sarah Palin doing a geography test, it can sully the show’s whole legacy. Here are a few shows that were incredible until that final episode.


There are certain forms of entertainment that some will love forever, and there are some that, as one ages, turn out to be not as cool or entertaining.

Taking The Plunge

It all began as a hypothetical question in the news room.
“Joe, would you jump into a frozen lake?”

Top Five

Well, since the last few Buzz blogs were about top fives of 2010, I figured I’d join the spirit and propose my top five best moments of 2010.