Watch Jordan Peele Recreate An Insane James Brown Interview From The 1980s

Let’s just say James Brown, one of the greatest performers and singers of all time, hit a rough patch in the 1980s. A rough patch that allegedly involved him assaulting his wife with a lead pipe and firing a gun at a car his wife was in. And this whole fiasco was more than likely caused by substance abuse and the fact he was already a little nuts to begin with.

So, Brown seemed to have decided to set the record straight by discussing this incident on live TV. And it went downhill from the get-go. His first answer to the first question was singing the chorus to “Living in America,” a song made popular from the film, “Rocky IV” which is actually what we are reviewing on the JOE-DOWN on Sunday.

And now comedian Jordan Peele has recreated this bizarre incident, word-for-word. Check it out.

Here is the original, as proof this did, indeed, happened on live television.