‘Suicide Squad’ Is Getting An Extended Cut For Home Release

DC’s newish cinematic universe has hit some bumps on its road to success existing. First, “Batman V Superman: Three Hours Of Scowls” got pretty bad reviews from just about everyone. Then, because of the confusing pacing and edits, DC and Warner Bros. released the so-called ultimate edition for home release, which I watched and, while an improvement of the theatrical cut, it was still a hell of a slog to get through.

Then, DC’s second big entry this year, “Suicide Squad: Shoehorning Every Classic Rock Song Ever Into A Single Film” was released and, once again, was met with muddled reviews. But this film became a pretty decent hit at the box office.

And despite director David Ayer saying the theatrical cut was the his cut, we are now getting an extended version with probably more of those Jared Leto Joker scenes that allegedly would fill an entire Joker movie. If not, I think maybe that guy who threatened to sue Warner Bros. may have been on to something.

The extended cut comes to Blu-Ray on Dec. 13.