The JOE-DOWN Reviews ‘Con-Air’ (Podcast Edition)

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First, there was the kabuki performances of “Face/Off.” Then, the insanity of a man in a bear suit punching a random person in “The Wicker Man.” There was the most insane mustached performance in film history with “Deadfall.”

And now, the JOE-DOWN ends Nicolas Cage Month with the greatest (see: worst) mixture of hair plugs and Alabama accents in movie history with the 1997 action classic “Con-Air.”

In this final installment of Cageapalooza, Joe Froemming and I go tit for tat about things like: Why exactly does Cameron Poe get blamed for losing Vietnam? Did Poe give his best friend in prison diabetes? Why would you keep chicken bones in a first-aid kit? And approximately how many civilian casualties occurred in the climax of this film?

Click on the image above to listen to us cling onto our sanity after a month of shouting and eye-bulging.

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